What are examples of a Null Hypothesis we use in everyday life but do not recognize?

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The Null Hypothesis appears in courtrooms every day:

The presumption of innocence in law serves the same purpose as the null hypothesis in science. The purpose is to produce an accurate outcome in relation to the facts at hand and the seriousness of the question to be settled.

This quote is part of my answer to an earlier question on this exchange, "Innocent until proven guilty - why?"

The null hypothesis is rather an ingenious creation.... The utility of the null hypothesis is that the case is not prejudged-- you are not caught defending a relationship specified beforehand.

Source: Hoover and Donovan, The Elements of Social Scientific Thinking, 6th ed. (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1995), p. 81.

This question, though, is quite broad. When you walk into your favorite eatery and you tell the server, "I'll have the usual," then you are calling upon the null hypothesis.

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