I feel like for all three of these terms, they can contain different meanings, but they are all vague as well.

For example, proper education could mean a university education/college education/education in the work force, etc. At the same time, proper education can mean literally anything.

  • Yes.. they're all garbage phrases. 'Formal education' or 'tertiary education' have concrete meanings. Successful life.. what is that? Not dying? one needs a metric for success. Financial? Happy? Critically acclaimed? If you can't measure it... it doent exist. – Richard Feb 12 at 21:26
  • "Ambiguous" refers to two or more, but few, clearly distinct meanings, as in "bow" the tied ribbon, "bow" the weapon, and "bow" the ship's front. When there is a continuous range of meanings with no sharp boundaries, as in the cases listed, the expression is called "vague". – Conifold Feb 12 at 21:37

As written the terms are vague. A reader can misinterpret the terms as well and from their view the terms could be ambiguous as well. You can prevent the issue by writing more descriptive. This means waiting more details if you actually have more specific information so readers wont misinterpret your message. If the message is vague you need to combat that with more specifics. You would need to avoid cliche, slogans, being to general when you have more details but you dont want to commit to anything you write. Be more assertive and less passive in the writing to avoid vague and ambiguous language.

  • I would think that "proper education" and "successful life" are vague, but would you say that "real life education" is vague or would you say its ambiguous? – Thomas Formal Feb 12 at 21:37
  • I would say it too has the same issue as the other claims. You would need to specifically add details to the sentence to make it clear. Proper education may imply some humans are being educated Falsely as in on purpose. Is that what you mean? – Logikal Feb 12 at 21:39

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