Is "physicality precedes spiritual" a view or a state of nature?

Are there views that would question this kind of "physicalism"?

Perhaps one can find some dichotomy in expressing the idea through mental reasoning, while claiming something about the non-mental? However, if everything is still tied to the mental, then this kind of argument would be worthless, since it's impossible to not be mental.

Thus one would rather be led to the perception that:

Within the ("best") framework of mental, physicality must precede spiritual. And it's not a view, rather it's a fundamental state of nature. A view would be to suggest balancing spiritual over the physics. While taking physics "as it is" would be a state of nature. This does not concern, whether it's impossible to take physics as is, rather, when it's not, then physicality is more fundamental than ideas.

("best") framework:

lousily refers to relying on best current scientific epistemologies. That is, those that have most history and current belief in their accuracy.

  • @Gordon How is the spiritual measurable then? – mavavilj Feb 14 '19 at 17:03
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