I think: Light represents truth in the allegory.

The prisoners only see shadows that are cast by light but are never able to see the source of that light. How about you?

  • Some actually do see the light, the rest don’t want to turn away from the play of shadows. Personally, I don’t like staring into the sun. It’s blinding. – Mozibur Ullah Mar 1 at 15:35
  • 1
    I think light isn't relevant. The point is that one of them sees truth, that the others refuse to accept. – Richard Mar 1 at 19:41
  • On reflection (sic), i think light is allegory for truth. – Richard Mar 2 at 1:05
  • Not quite. The light is what turns the true shapes (presumably the forms) into the visible shadows (sensible things), so it would have to stand for that which makes sensible things "imitate" the forms. Plato does not quite go into the mechanics of this imitation, but Neoplatonics added a whole metaphysics of "emanation" (outflow of being) based on interpreting his Timaeus: from the One, to the Intellect, to the World Soul, down to the matter. The light is the emanation. – Conifold Mar 2 at 6:23

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