I have been trying to find the following as I am very interested in reading Aristotle in the original Greek:

Aristotle. Aristotelis opera. Edited by Immanuel Bekker, Christian August Brandis, and Hermann Bonitz. 4 vols. Academia Regia Borussica [The Royal Prussian Academy]. Berlin: Georg Reimer, 1831.

Can it be found by any classical studies publisher?


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Parallel Greek-English Aristotle followed by St. Thomas Aquinas's commentary in parallel Latin-English or just English:

Commentaries on Aristotle

Peri Hermeneias (Latin & English / English)

Posteriora Analytica (Latin & English / English)

Physica (Latin & English / English)

De cœlo et mundo (Latin & English / English)

De generatione et corruptione PDF (Latin & English / English)

Super Meteora PDF (Latin & English / English)

De anima (Latin & English / English)

De sensu et sensato (Latin & English / English)

De memoria et reminiscentia (Latin & English / English)

Ethica (Latin & English / English)

Tabula Ethicorum (Latin)

Politica (Latin & English)

Metaphysica (Latin & English / English)

Perseus has some of Aristotle's works in Greek, too.

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