I was reading a letter from Einstein to Max Born that says something like this:

It is further characteristic of these physical objects that they are thought of as arranged in a space-time continuum. An essential aspect of this arrangement of things in physics is that they lay claim, at a certain time, to an existence independent of one another, provided these objects ‘are situated in different parts of space.’ Unless one makes this kind of assumption about the independence of the existence (the ‘being-thus’) of objects which are far apart from one another in space—which stems in the first place from everyday thinking—physical thinking in the familiar sense would not be possible.

and then I searched for this word, that is ‘being-thus’, and found some other sources:

Einstein viewed the Copenhagen interpretation as 'a gentle pillow for the true believer.' 1° For Einstein, a physical system has a 'being-thus,' a 'real state' that is independent of other systems or the means of observation (see the quotations in section 1.1 and section 6.1). He argued that realism about physical systems in this sense is incompatible with the assumption that the state descriptions of quantum mechanics are complete. Interpreting the Quantum World By Jeffrey Bub


Being-thus is not a substance of which thus would express .a. determination or a qualification. Being is not a presupposition that is before or after its qualities. Being that is irreparably thus is .its thus; it is only its mode of being. {The thus is not an essence that determines an existence, .but it finds its essence in its own being-thus, in its being its own determination.) The Coming Community By Giorgio Agamben

Now, this is really confusing. Can anyone first explain this term (like explaining how this term is constructed (it's origins) or explain it in a Synonym way) and not the concept and then explain this concept in a simpler way. I should note that I have not much knowledge in this area. Thanks in advance.

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    The more commonly used term for Einstein's "being-thus" is "element of reality" that appears in the EPR paradox. Einstein's elements of reality are supposed to be localized and allow no action at a distance, i.e. their properties are independently determinate when they are far apart. This is inconsistent with the non-local collapse of the wave function, assuming that the wave function is a complete description of a quantum system, as the Copenhagen interpretation holds.
    – Conifold
    May 21 '19 at 4:27
  • Having being-thus seems to mean: having a determinate and independent state. Independent, that is, of the simultaneous states of non adjacent bodies or fields. May 22 '19 at 20:04

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