I am currently facing a very big challenge, based on my studies. I am currently attending a seminar of New Materialism, which above all thematizes agential realism. An essential element here is the diffractive reading (based on Donna Haraway/ Karen Barad). With the help of such a diffractive reading, ie reading across from a non-specialist perspective, a new approach to new knowledge is to be made possible. We shall exemplify this approach along an essay.

As a concrete topic, I would like to devote myself to cyborgs or human enhancement. So to what extent do we humans distinguish ourselves from these.

How can this question / task be solved with the help of diffractory reading?

Karan Barad speaks of apparatuses as methods of knowledge production. I think the literature research could be an apparatus in this essay. but how does it continue? Can someone realtively simply name the steps I should take? I know that I should study the theory of cyborgs from a non-specialist discipline, but how exactly is this done?

How would you suggest, what helpful tips and advice can you name?

I myself have never dealt with philosophy to this extent, which results in this challenge for me.

I am thankful for every answer!

  • Do you have a reference to Karen Barad's text? Perhaps also a quote regarding "apparatuses as methods of knowledge production". Welcome! May 26 '19 at 13:48
  • Sorry Frank, I can't find an appropriate quote for that...
    – joshua
    May 26 '19 at 14:29

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