I'm having trouble understanding writing out a proof. The proof I'm trying to work with is :

enter image description here

How do I reach this goal? Which rules do I use and with which support steps to each rule (proofs to prove each step?) Using only inference rules, reit, quantifier rules.

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This is only a description of the justifications for the steps. How you describe the justifications in the proof checker will depend on that tool.

Lines 5 and 6 used universal elimination to replace the variable x with the name a. You will likely need to reference which lines were used.

Line 8 used conditional elimination which should reference the conditional on line 6 and its antecedent on line 7. This gives you the consequent.

Similarly line 9 used conditional elimination which should reference the conditional on line 5 and its antecedent on line 8. This allows you to derive the consequent.

Line 10 derives the contradiction between lines 9 and 4. This is contradiction introduction.

Line 11 derives the negation of the assumption on line 7 discharging the subproof on lines 7 to 10. This is negation introduction.

Line 12 uses existential introduction. This is copied to the last line where existential elimination was used. This existential elimination began with the assumption on line 4 replacing the variable x in line 3 with the name a. This subproof was able to be closed when a line was derived that did not use the name a. That happened on line 12.


Here is a complete proof with all steps justified in the Fitch program. enter image description here

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