It'a actually a simple question, not articulated at all. What's the role of metaphisic for Popper? I know that for him philosophy is not just non-sense nore simply a "lenguage clarificator", but apart from founding morality, scienze and other "parts" of philosofy (ethics, science philosophy, etc...), what does the philosopher do if he does "metaphisic"?.

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  • Hi, welcome to Philosophy SE. For vague questions like yours Wikipedia and other encyclopedias are better sources, see e.g. Popper: Metaphysics. We take more specific questions that come up after general reading. – Conifold Jun 20 at 19:11
  • Thanks, this answear helped me a lot. – Giovanni Grassi Jun 20 at 19:19
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  • @FrankHubeny I may try, but i must tell that i'm not really good in writing in English, and that I'll have to translate some parts. Note 46 chapter 11, The open society and his enemies; 7-8th indents. He says that he is agains Wittgenstein theory of metaphisic. W. Believed that the difference between scienze and metaphisic is the same between sense and non-sense. Popper says he doesn't agree with him, but then what's metaphisics? I just needed some help to have a complete view on Popper, i could, and i will, read Conjectures and Confutations again, i remember he talks about it there. Thanks a – Giovanni Grassi Jun 20 at 20:23
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    For Popper (against Wittgenstein) metaphysics is not nonsense (i.e. playing with words devoided of meaning and content) and can help us in developing our view of the world, but - at the same time - it is not science, being not falsifiable. – Mauro ALLEGRANZA Jun 21 at 6:03