Suppose there's more to metaphysics than what is true: then so what?

Can it be shown that reality is not exhausted by what is true about it: which philosophers have tried to do so? What is reasonable to infer from that, if it is shown: what has been inferred from that?

Early Wittgenstein might, I suppose, fall under than, but what else?


One way to interpret this might be to say that metaphysics could, in principle, discuss the realms of what is merely "possible", as well as those things and facts that are "actual".

We can speak of things that are actually the case, but we also seem to be able to speak of alternative possibilities. I'm not actually throwing this laptop I'm typing on, but I could describe a scenario in which if I were to throw it, what sort of trajectory it might follow and what might happen upon contact with the ground. (it's quite a resilient laptop, but I imagine the force with which I throw it might potentially test its durability)

What kind of cognitive technology am I relying on in order to talk about counterfactuals? This would bring us into discussions about Modality, and there is a nice introductory Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy article here on the subject.

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    This is a nice perspective on this question, and might answer what the OP had in mind, but even what is possible is part of what is true, in the sense that statements such as "It's possible that ..." or "Had X happened then Y would have happened' are also true/false. But it is possible that the OP was restricting truth to actuality. – Eliran Jul 21 at 16:52
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    @Eliran, I definitely employed a bit of interpretive charity here. And as a modal anti-realist, I interpret statements about possible worlds as abstractions over known true principles. But the ability to model false things is still useful, and one should be able to model something independently of the knowledge of whether that thing is true or false - thus does hypothesis formation originate! – Paul Ross Jul 21 at 17:06
  • yeah good answer. maybe the issue with the question is my hyperactive tone, cos there doesn't seem to be anything defective about the question at all to me – another_name Jul 21 at 21:16

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