I found some tweets (1,2) describing a philosophy paper as follows:

I came across this paper from the academic journal of philosophy that tries to solve a differential equation for an epistemological constant; more specifically a growth constant that bridges the gap between the essence of and the physical of said thing.

This person doesn't remember the original reference, and I've had no luck with search engines.

The closest I have found were some papers in scientometrics (e.g. Szydłowski & Krawiec, 2001), and in The Journal of Philosophy the closest match seems to be Grene & Ravetz (1962) on Leibniz.

Does anyone know the reference for this specific paper?

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    TBH this sounds like bad science or a bad remembering. Even if there is a differential equation that's purported to measure the gap between the "essence" and the "physical", I can't imagine any convincing empirical evidence for its validity. – sfmiller940 Jul 25 '19 at 21:06
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    Well sure, it would be silly to interpret such results as ‘true’ in a scientific sense—it’s more that the idea is sufficiently whacked that I’d love to see how they go about it. – gjoncas Jul 25 '19 at 23:42

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