What are the main sources of the social constructivist view in the philosophy of science?

I am looking for the main books that introduce or develop this view of science.


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The Wikipedia article on constructivist epistemology may provide the key references and overview you are looking for. Regarding philosophy of science and constructivism they write:

Thomas Kuhn argued that changes in scientists' views of reality not only contain subjective elements, but result from group dynamics, "revolutions" in scientific practice and changes in "paradigms". As an example, Kuhn suggested that the Sun-centric Copernican "revolution" replaced the Earth-centric views of Ptolemy not because of empirical failures, but because of a new "paradigm" that exerted control over what scientists felt to be the more fruitful way to pursue their goals.

They provide this link to Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.

Some of the historical influences they mention include Gaston Bachelard, Ludwek Fleck, J. L. Austin, and Niklas Luhmann as well as many others.

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