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As I see it, the decision is made unknowingly, but is that really making a decision? Because it's not meant to give a 50/50 chance. Plus, in reality, there's no chance at all, it's basically the force applied on the coin and where it was applied, added to the conditions of the world around you. It is 50/50 in the sense that you'll get either face up, but it is in reality letting the world decide (through its current state).

Did I go wrong somewhere?

  • If you are using a fair coin it is "meant" to be 50/50, and pretty much everybody knows that. Whether there is chance "in reality" is irrelevant, people flipping a coin can not control angles and forces with any precision, so to them it is "chance" anyway. And on modern physics "the state of the world" does not decide: the outcome is sensitive to arbitrarily small perturbations, and those are affected by quantum uncertainties which are objectively random. Even if the world did "decide", but all you know about it is that it will be 50/50, to you it works just like random chance. – Conifold Oct 23 '19 at 20:00

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