What prominent Nietzsche experts give 'empathy' a role to play in his trans-valuation? I found a paper that lists proponents of the opposite view, but it is not peer reviewed, and is just a Masters thesis.

Moral philosophers like Martha Nussbaum, Philippa Foot, and Michael Weber argue for what I call the “Neo-Stoic Reading” of Nietzsche, which includes two claims: first, Nietzsche allegedly recommends the relentless pursuit of self-interest at the expense of other persons;second, he denies empathy any major role in the ethical life

Emphasis added: I'm just looking for alternatives.

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    It helps to look under the top Google result. Ganesh's paper based on his thesis you linked was published. And even IEP "gives empathy a role". Two more, using "compassion": Harris, Compassion and Affirmation in Nietzsche, Frazer, The Compassion of Zarathustra – Conifold Oct 29 '19 at 23:51
  • hm, less there than i would have liked... no well known scholars then @Conifold i guess the issue for me is that amoral people just end up seeming a little petty -- though that does seem a judgment of taste – user38026 Oct 31 '19 at 18:12

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