if I base my vote (on taxes) based on republican or democrat anecdote, as well as my own paycheck, is it the right thing for for me to do, to vote on taxes? I am trying to skeptically look at voting (specifically on taxes) ethically. ..I have been trying to ask this question on google but haven't found anything philosophically related. Starting points would be helpful!

To go more in depth..here are the numbers that I know [below] - I do not know how well the programs I pay for actually work with how much I already pay forward. (ex: does health & human services need more money because it is short staffed, etc...)

State of CA Budget Item % Your Contribution General Government 5.92 $236.21 Health & Human Services 31.94 $1274.41 Education 36.38 $1451.56 Transportation 7.38 $294.46 Public Safety & Criminal Justice 7.44 $296.86 Parks, Environment & Natural Resources 5.50 $219.45 Business & Economic Development 1.25 $49.88 Legislative, Judicial, and Executive 3.71 $148.03 Other

..Also, am I using the word "ethical" the correct way in the question? It seems vague how I used it. Would I rather say: is voting on taxes ethically right with out being presented the numbers?

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