My focus is to study the topic of topic itself and topicality, that is how a message, a question either a discussion can be on- or off-topic.

Which philosophers have been discussing this and what are seminal works?

So far I have found that this is less a linguistics topic but probably belongs more to the philosophy of language.

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Definitions of what topic and topicality are so far:

  • "topicalization" which seems to be something else.
  • in linguistics, topic is studied at sentence level
  • in sociolinguistics, there is a term "discourse topic" which is probably going to the direction I want to look into: The topic is what the discourse is about though it feels like a tautalogy.

From what I can understand from the general Wikipedia article on language philosophy, studying what a topic is could belong to the sub-field reference theories? Or maybe social interaction, because what a current topic is could be also a convention?

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