Marcel Gauchet in Le Désenchantement du Monde explains from the outset that the importance of religion in the past was due to the rituals that structured life. By evolving religion emancipated the individual from these frameworks.1 Indeed, according to Marcel Gauchet, a greater, more powerful, more general and more abstract God withdrew from life. And he leaves interpretation to the individual.2 Indeed,

The bigger the gods are, the freer the men are, the more powerful they are, the more ins give access to the rational foundation of the origin.3

  1. Has religion really emancipated the individual from these rituals that structured life? Baptism, marriage, Bar Mitzvah, circumcision, burial seem to be rituals that are still present enough to say that the individual is emancipated (I understand "emancipated" as meaning liberated, at least from these rituals, maybe I am wrong).
  2. Is it the evolution of religion that is responsible for this? I find it hardly contradictory that the evolution of religion goes against the power of God.
  3. Now I've lost Marcel. If the gods are great, they should inspire fear, shouldn't they? Why do men become free?

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