For a term paper I am looking for specific responses to Searle's philosophy of mind (though it's hard to even call it that) as presented in Minds, Brains and Science or the paper Consciousness (2000).

The only things I have so far is the extensive work by Bennett/Hacker, as well as the shorter version Neuroscience and Philosophy, and several books by Eccles, who was familiar with Searle's views.

What I am looking for now are mostly papers, not books, that respond to Searle's notion of mental phenomena, rather on a philosophical level than on a neurobiological.

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There has been a vast literature critiquing Searle's viewpoints, enough to be collected, e.g.,

John Searle and His Critics. Ernest Lepore and Robert Van Gulick, eds.; 1991. (Wiley link)

There are also collected criticisms of his Chinese Room Argument; see the excellent Wikipedia article, and this collection:

Views into the Chinese Room: New essays on Searle and artificial intelligence. Oxford Univ. Press. 2002. (Oxford link)

You might also look at the spirited 1995 debate with Daniel Dennett:

‘The Mystery of Consciousness’: An Exchange. The New York Review of Books. (NYRB link).

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