Since my knowledge of Chomsky's work is limited to context free grammars I am particularly interested in the relation of Zellig's work to Chomsky's conception of abstract syntax trees and automata theory in languages.

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    Similarities of a legacy?:"Today, I daresay Harris is remembered by most linguists as the mentor and advisor to Noam Chomsky at the University of Pennsylvania — and the originator of transformational analysis". For more details see Nevin's chapter Noam and Zellig. – Conifold Apr 22 at 23:25
  • The chapter that you cited is great and provides more than what I needed. I didn't know some of the darker aspects of Chomsky's personality.I knew Chomsky primarily from some of his debates with people that were clearly inferior to him IQ-wise so he didn't (and didn't need to) show any doubious behavior in order to win the debates with them. – GEP Apr 23 at 20:49

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