I came across Logosophy for the first time today and I’m struggling to find any analysis of it. The Wikipedia article seems quite promotional, and does not link to any critical sources - at least, not in the English language.

It seems superficially similar to Scientology, but predating it and popular mostly in Latin America.

“Logosophy is an ethical-philosophical doctrine developed by the Argentine humanist and thinker Carlos Bernardo González Pecotche, which offers teachings of conceptual order and practices that lead oneself to self-cognition and self-improvement through a process of conscious evolution.”

I am interested in how much of this is new thought, how coherent it is, and what it has influenced since its emergence in the 1930s.

  • Wikipedia editors did some searching for peer review and did not find much when the Logosophy article was up for a deletion vote. One of the editors who voted to keep it wrote:"Sure it sounds dumb, but so does Theosophy and we have an article on that. This kind of claptrap is big business in Argentina". – Conifold Jun 1 at 8:26

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