I have recently begun reading The Sickness Unto Death, and I find myself falling in love with Kierkegaard's uniquely multifaceted indirect communication. I have found myself wondering how much of his work is still inaccessible to me as someone who only knows English. Does anybody know where I can find a complete list of his writings both translated and untranslated, and then short of this, which of Kierkegaard's writings have yet to be translated into English and published?


All of Kierkegaard's published works have been translated into English and are available in several different translations luckily!

I believe most or all of Kierkegaard's unpublished work - in the form of journals and loose papers - have also been translated into English, the most recent translation being Kierkegaard's Journals and Notebooks, which just published the last volume in its series this year.

Other notable recent translations:

Wikipedia has a great list of these works for those curious.

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    I just realized I never said thanks for answering my question. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. Nov 23 at 4:09

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