Background: I want to study philosophy and I think a good way is to first learn logic, so I tried reading The Categories. But even after trying so hard, I didn't understand it. The writing is very obscure, not enough examples and Aristotle changes his topic faster than the speed of light. So I thought I should read commentaries on Categories, I chose Simplicius' commentary, and I didn't understand most of it.

Question: What references are available to teach Aristotelian logic in its historical form?

Clarification: So I would like a list of references that teach Aristotelian logic. Please note I don't want to learn formal logic, and I am not asking for commentaries on Aristotelian logic; I already have many. The book I am asking for should teach Aristotelian logic specifically; all or most of the topics mentioned in The Organon and the contents of the book must overlap strongly with the Organon.

Examples of such books are Ockham's Summa Logicae and Logica Or Summa Lamberti.


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