I'm looking for a systematic survey of the history of philosophical psychology, either an expository text, or a selection of readings arranged chronologically.

My orignal motivation regards the history of epistemology. But until the 19th century, knowledge was mainly approached as a psychological phenomenon implying perception, judment, reasoning, etc. I mean , the sources of knowledge were supposed to give the key to knowledge. It might no longer be the case nowadays.

So my interest is in a systematic presentation of the structure of mind and of its faculties according to various philosophical schools.

Could you please let me know whether there is a standard book on the subject?

Until know I only found one general survey, in french : Chauvet, Des théories de l'entendement humain dans l'antquité.


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    Brett's monumental History of Psychology, in three volumes, might be what you are looking for. Has everyone from Thales to Brentano and Wundt. There is also an updated by Peters one volume abridged edition that takes it up to Freud and Skinner.
    – Conifold
    Jan 18 at 7:27

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