On the one hand, N espouses that people shall almost ignore the needs of other people to achieve one's own greatness. But on the other hand he describes kindness as

"Kindness and love, the most curative herbs and agents in human intercourse".

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    Can one? It's far from the only flat-out contradiction in his corpus. – Mary Jan 31 at 22:19
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    Do you have quote/s on him ignoring the needs of others? His mental breakdown was precipitated apparently by seeing a horse beaten in the street. – CriglCragl Feb 1 at 2:23
  • There is no contradiction. Empathy makes kindness a non zero sum game: watch happy people tends to make us happy, all the more if they're happy because of us. Great leaders tend to be able of sincere care to the people they lead, which is a key factor in inspiring them and achieve greatness. Nobody likes to follow a mean individual who will drop them at the first occasion. For an example see the depiction of Nelson Mandela and his effect on the character of Francois Pienaar in the movie Invictus. – armand Feb 1 at 4:39
  • (cont.) For a counter example, the last few months of US politics... What Nietzsche dismisses about kindness (in a very vague nutshell, corrections welcome) is the moral injunction to show kindness, all too often in his view the way for mediocre people to tame a great person: "this great painter neglects wife and kids to pursue his creation, shame on him!". For Nietzsche this should not stop the great artist in his path, nor should he affect to show kindness to please the crowd. But if kindness is coming from the bottom of his heart, if he trully desires to be kind, it's all for the better. – armand Feb 1 at 4:48
  • As far as I know Nietzsche says nothing about ignoring the needs of others. I’m interested in seeing a source on that as well. – dgo Mar 8 at 4:50

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