I am a graduate student of Informatics.
Studying mathematical logic I've just started discovering it connection to philosophy. Following this way I started reading something about old and modern philosopher. My first source of information is internet, especially Wikipedia, but I am meeting a lots of difficulties because of the use of terms I don't know the meaning.

So, I want to ask you a suggestion of a minimal set of books to read in order to get the main concepts related to philosophy. I am mainly interested in the explanation of the meaning of the more general terms ( e.g. judgment, subject, object, extension, ecc.. ) I am also interested about a pan on the thoughts of the main philosopher.

Thank you.


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If you are looking for a book that explains the terms and fundamental concepts well, I have only one recommendation: The Philosopher's Toolkit and by extension The Ethics Toolkit. It explains all the important terms and concepts in a concise way. I've recommended this book to many people who felt they weren't quite ready to start reading philosophy and they all felt this book helped tremendously.

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