Although only half of a dish is red, can I call it ‘red dish’? Or only when an entire dish is red, can I call it ‘red dish’?

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    Although none of it is truly happiness, can I call it a Happy Meal? – Kristian Berry Mar 21 at 23:18
  • If it's at least half red, I think it would be fair to call it "reddish" – Connor Garcia Mar 22 at 21:34

From philosophical logic perspective, your question may be worth further studied in fuzzy logic which I'm not versed in and cannot say much.

From philosophical ethics point of view, it depends on your intentions. Since you're already aware of only half of the dish is red, if you want to share this info for others to identify this dish, you should describe as accurately as possible. If you use it as a trope for your newly minted poem or rap, based on your rhythm constraint, you may omit some info, or call it anything else which may sound more fit...

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