Assuming you were in a debate and your opponent posited the argument:

"Of course we should do X, its (year)!" or "its the (number) century!" or the somewhat related "we aren't living in (time period)".

for any subject.

"Of course we should allow gay marriage, its not the dark ages!"
"Of course we should allow abortion, its 2013!"
"Of course we should allow the use of chemical weapons, its the 21st century!"
"Of course we should allow eugenics, its the 21st century!"

Regardless of whether I agree with any of the above statements, the fact that my opponent can name the current year or point to the fact that a time period has passed does not provide any basis for supporting his/her argument.

Does this argumentative fallacy have a specific name?

Many thanks in advance



A logical argument (and usually when thus termed, considered an outright fallacy) describing the erroneous argument that the thinking, art, or science of an earlier time is inherently inferior to that of the present, simply by virtue of its temporal priority.

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