No. Quantity is independent of quality. The number of items is not an attribute of an item.

I’m really sorry, but I only got an answer about quantity from the other stackexchanges. I really want to know whether order is quality or not.

  • No, because an object can be sometimes the first and sometimes the second; it is more a relation. – Mauro ALLEGRANZA May 2 at 13:27
  • Not any arbitrary set can be ordered well like a strict google page sorting, order is intimately related with a famous self-evident axiom called AC (axiom of choice). In some math model we can discard this axiom, then order may not be always possible thus becomes neither a quantity nor a quality. In the most cases with AC such as ZFC, order is a type of quantity called ordinal thus it's definitely counted same as our usual type of quantity called number... – Double Knot May 2 at 22:00

I appreciate your hard work for getting an answer to a question regarding an abstract idea. So, let me share some of my ideas.

Order is not a quality. But it may have some relation with quality. Sometimes that quality may be unknown. Eg: The order of planets. In other words, quality may determine order; but not always. Sometimes a particular order can happen by accident.

If the objects are arranged in different order, we cannot say anything about their quality just by considering their order. I mean, any of its characteristic or feature. That means, order does not necessarily imply quality. In other words, order is not a quality. If order can give quality (or is a quality), a different order must always increase or decrease any of its quality. But this never happens.

So, IMHO, no need of a doubt about it.

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