I'm reading a bit about John Searle's philosophies of mind and language at the moment. In his language lectures he keeps emphasizing that his views aren't considered mainstream.

Are there any philosophers that are taking up (some of) his ideas and develop them further or in a different direction?


Trust you are keeping ok.

I'm about to submit my thesis on Searle's theories in relation to power in the workplace linked to Foucault's positionality and subjectivity.

I can send you a summary when I have submitted if that is any help?

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hope a short list works: Paul Brooks, Patty Churchland, Martha J. Farah, Gilbert Ryle, David Chalmers, Walter Glannon.

  • You should definitely add which works of them refer to Searle, as precise as possible. Nobody wants to start skimming through every book by the people you just named. Also, just adding the titles still wouldn't be enough to make that a good answer. For that, you should also add synopses or short abstracts. – iphigenie Nov 21 '13 at 16:45
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