I am talking bout books like Hegel: A Biography by Terry P. Pinkard which makes his philosophy accessible. I am an engineering student and don't know a lot of theory but I have read Durant, The Second Sex by Simone De Beauvoir, Critique Of Pure reason By Kant which I didn't understand VERY well (untill watching many lectures on it from undergrad classes posted on youtube to get it) For post-modernism: I have read Terry Eagleton's Introduction To Literary theory which gave me a good understanding of Structuralism and then Post-Structuralism to show what derrida was trying to do. I have also read Judith Butler's Gender Trouble and understand she is doing to gender what Focault is doing to Sciences and Derrida is doing to words. But I want to understand others like Deleuze, Baudrillard, Rorty etc.


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You could do worse than Jameson’s Postmodernism. I’d also suggest searching for texts focused on single-author overviews — “How to read…” might be a good query to look at to find book titles.

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