Suppose that everyone I encounter is conspiring to keep the truth of something (mostly for money) from me by a mixture of deception, lies and perhaps outright stupidity/gullibility (that is soon turned into complicity).

Does the scale of such a "conspiracy" render it evil, or is it just a sum of isolated acts of self involved secrecy etc. (which I assume would be a confusion of value)? If evil, what sort of evil would it be, what sort of response to it is reasonable etc.?

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In the usual case, the number of people engaging in such things as lies, deception, etc., for the purposes of fraud does not decide whether it is immoral or not. One doing it is immoral, two doing is immoral, three doing it is immoral, etc.

The number of people involved might have legal consequences. That would depend on the local laws, the exact nature of the fraud, etc. etc. You should consult a lawyer on that sort of issue.

This presumes there are no circumstances that would cause observers to find the actions acceptable. You might find exceptions in time of war, just as an example. Just to have a specific, extracting all the money from the guy running the munitions plants of the country invading your home country might be acceptable.

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