In the postcolony, wherein a particular form of power rages, wherein the dominant and the subjugated are specifically linked in one and the same bundle of desire, enthusiasm for the end is often expressed in the language of the religious. One reason why is that the postcolony is a relatively specific form of capture and emasculation of the desire for revolt and the will to struggle. Society’s energies are reinvested not necessarily in work, profit-seeking, or the recapitulation of the world and its renewal, but in a sort of unmediated, immediate enjoyment, which is simultaneously empty of enjoyment and a libidinal sort of predation—all things that explain both the absence of revolutionary transformation and the established regimes’ lack of hegemony.

How is this citation from Achille Mbembe's Necropolitics (pp. 29-30) related to Deleuze's analysis of desiring-machines in his Anti-Oedipus?

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    Thos sounds very specific, almost like a typical essay question in a related seminar would. Could you provide some background to tell us how you arrived at that question and what your ideas and attempts on answering it are?
    – Philip Klöcking
    Mar 30 at 23:15
  • As I have just become interested in both Deleuze's Anti-Oedipus—and I am reading Mbembe's work, I cannot as yet provide a cogent account. The question is just my first endeavour to draw the contours of what may turn into a picture in no less than six months studying— if I can devote my time and energy to it. Overall, my purpose in asking the question was to see whether these works are related to any extent. I am sorry that I was not competent enough to appropriately answer your question.
    – Signifier
    Mar 31 at 10:10
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    No worries, I did not want to criticise the gist of the question. It just helps people who want to answer when you can specify a bit the context and direction of your question, so that answers can be suited to your needs and not end up overly general.
    – Philip Klöcking
    Mar 31 at 10:24


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