I would like to ask for a potential utopian scenario where Ethiopian Jews and LC(lower class) bedouins form some subaltern allegiance to combat the racism they face in Palestine-Israel. Is this possible? Any possible predictions or analysis of how such a scenario may arise? We know how misrahi Jews did their way of resisting the white-hegemony of Ashkenazis in Israel via blackpanther movement etc.

What homework I have done regarding understanding this problem? I recently read an Israeli bedoin(identity matters here) Professor's work which talks about the Ethiopian struggles. Link: https://www.taylorfrancis.com/chapters/edit/10.4324/9780429281013-28/ethiopian-jews-israel-sarab-abu-rabia-queder

I think there are class hierarchies among bedoins too, although this is just a guess. Bedouins themselves are a diverse group of people as I understand. But in my understanding, ethiopian jews are a single group, at least in the Israeli context.

Was there anyone who put forward this idea of LC(lower class) unification? Or, if not, is such a scenario possible? Can we call it a subaltern resistance if it happens? Can we invoke Ambedkar's ideas here in Levant?

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