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Would tragedy exist if there was no evil but only good?

I watched Jordan Peterson's video about tragedy vs evil. It's been some time since but I thought about it a lot and now come to some questions that confuse me tremendously. I have the idea that ...
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Is it meaningful to distinguish between two possibilities which are observationally equivalent?

There are many questions in philosophy of the following kind: Does my friend have a soul, or is my friend a zombie? Is the mind separate from the body, or is it the same? Where does the universe come ...
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Does an education that teaches relativism alone result in students who can not make ethical decisions?

This is a followup to a previous question that suggests that skepticism leads inevitably to moral relativism. In this question, I'd like to look further down the slippery slope and think of the ...
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Does the concept of existence entail the concept of death?

Does the concept of existence entail the concept of death? I am asking this because many philosophers have tried to prove the existence of god (Descartes through the Meditations) by saying that he ...
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Is it possible to define (legally-useful) inalienable natural rights without a deity?

Here's my understanding of natural rights: Natural rights are those rights inherent to a being. Those rights are inalienable if they may not be overridden by social contract. Without some sort of ...
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What would be the logical consequences of human will/nature being corrupt?

I'm have a question that I don't think is on topic over on Christianity.SE even though it is the exchanges in chat there constantly raise the issue. This is a kind of thought experiment. "It is the ...
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Can anyone ever state how things are not?

This question relates to situations of infinite regress. For example, in reading through answers to this question Are there any non-divine objective standards of good/evil? I noticed the statement "...
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How does Kant's moral philosophy define "goodness" and evaluate the moral worth?

Philosophy.SE, this is my first time being here, hence please pardon my inexperience of phrasing the question. I was discussing the moral philosophy of Kant vs the moral philosophy of the Christian ...
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How could 'objective morality' be known/investigated?

We humans have not always believed in objective reality, or at least we have not always believed that reality is rational without any discernible bounds. For, the instant that reality ceases being ...
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How do metaphysical naturalists approach ethics?

I am wondering about traditions of ethics which might incorporate naturalism or skepticism. As far as I understand, the Academic Skeptics, in particular Carneades and Cicero, held that there was no ...
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A doctor saves lives, but he is a murderer in normal life. Is he good or bad? Or Both? [closed]

Is he or is he not? Does the society accept him/her like that? This question came up to my mind when my father mentioned about a professional killer whose nickname was The Iceman. Normal life means ...
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Can objective morality exist apart from the existence of a transcendent being?

I've heard explanations by Sam Harris and Michael Schermer, but I'm not super convinced on this one. People like Harris and Schermer seem to be trying to get an ought from an is.
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Does moral intelligence help in philosophy class?

I was looking at stoic fury's quite famous answer, on stages of moral reasoning. Basically, the psychology of moral intelligence. Made me wonder (despite disliking the post as an answer to that ...
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