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Can one speak unambiguously of "the" scientific method?

When people in general discuss science, they talk about the scientific method as if it were a fixed and universally agreed-upon principle. In a show I saw recently by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, he ...
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A newbie's highly thought-upon plan for starting philosophy [closed]

How's it going guys, I hope you're all having a great time! Greetings, to all the great minds here! I would really appreciate your help with my entrance to the infinite world of philosophy. First, I ...
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Philosophers on alternatives to capitalism and communism

Philosopher Karl Marx envisioned an economic system called communism to fight the abuses suffered by working class people during the industrial era. The exploitation of man by man and the excessive ...
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Can empiricism be found in any Eastern Philosophy/philosopher?

I was wondering if any Eastern philosophies/philosophers have adopted points of view similar to those found in the Western view of empiricism, that is (italic in the original SEP entry linked too): ...
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Wisdom and John Vervaeke's awakening from the meaning crises?

I've been watching John Vervaeke's awakening from the meaning crises ( I haven't seen the whole lecture series). And while I am finding it intriguing I think to myself is this really wisdom? I mean in ...
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Why is the emergence of Monotheism a cultural milestone in the development of mankind?

In the cultural development of humanity the emergence of Monotheism is often mentioned to be a milestone comparable to the ability to control fire or write. Of course it is true, that Monotheism ...
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Weren't there any philosophers from Africa, America or the Middle East before Socrates?

It seems that philosophy began from two locations, Asia and Europe, but were there any philosophers from the Middle East, America (South and North) and Africa? I mean, Asia and Europe weren't friends, ...
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what are the key points of Ubuntu (Humanity) particulary as it relates to poverty?

How can the Ubuntu philosophical approach address the issue of poverty and how can the elements of Ubuntu be integrated into practices in everyday life in the contemporary?.
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What are some good resources for learning Indian philosophy?

I am a science student. During my free time, I study philosophy and occasionally do courses in philosophy in my university. I've noticed that in academia, "Philosophy" means "Western Philosophy". ...
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How do Chinese and Japanese Buddhists perceive people?

I have seen many answers to similar questions, but they do not answer my question. The fact is that the Mahayana doctrine (which is popular in China and Japan) leads to Nihilism or Solipsism. I asked ...
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Are modern Chinese, Japanese and Korean schools of Buddhism viewed as egocentric presentism? Are modern Chinese, Japanese and Korean schools of Buddhism viewed as egocentric presentism? Are there any teachings in modern Chinese and ...
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How is Society shaped?

I'm interested in what shapes society? Yes, individuals shape society and society shapes the individual, but I want more detailed analysis. My humble take is: Culture is the most important thing that ...
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What are the origins and evolution of mythology/religions?

Hegel in his famous book "Phenomenology of the Spirit" describes the evolution of the human mind. I am wondering if any philosophers have described the evolution of religions and where the idea come ...