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What are any contemporary, state-of-the-art references defining philosophy, from a meta-philosophical point of view?

What is a comprehensive definition of philosophy? Or is it impossible to define philosophy? At the risk of being ‘too broad’ a question, I would like to point out that the question of what philosophy ...
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What is the difference between philosophy and religion?

How do you make the distinction between philosophy and religion? Are there some philosophies/religions that are hard to categorize as being one or the other?
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How to answer people who would claim that "philosophy is useless"?

How to answer people who would claim that "philosophy is useless"? My take: "Philosophy, since it by def. considers fundamental matters, such as existence, cannot be rationally neglected, because ...
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Can philosophy be useful?

I cite the article by Hans Radder entitled "Everything of value is useful: How philosophy can be socially relevant", published by Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective. He ...
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Why is philosophy viewed as unnecessary, extra, by the common man?

This may be more of a sociology or psychology question as I do not mean "What is the point of philosophy today?" (You can find many related questions at my favorites.) Then what I mean is, how does ...
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What are the practical ramifications of philosophy? How can we make it relevant to ordinary people? [duplicate]

Because philosophy is seen by many as a useless subject and a mere waste of resources, universities the world over has retired countless degree programs in philosophy. So my questions are How is ...
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What is the practical use of philosophy? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How is philosophy useful? Examining the practical, impactful, real-life benefits of getting a degree in philosophy What is the practical use of philosophy? How could ...
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Does philosophy matter to personal life?

When I was studying philosophy, I sometimes asked my fellow students how studying philosophy affected their personal life. The answer I got was usually either "I haven't really thought about that" or "...
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If-then in propositional logic [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can we reason about “if P then Q” or “P only if Q” statements in propositional logic? Here's the table for If-then _____ ___________ | A B | (A ⊃ B) | | 0 0 | 1 ...
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Is philosophy a waste of time? [duplicate]

Philosophy has not advanced very far since Ancient Greece and Rome and every philosophical point of view, when extended, becomes absurd. Meanwhile, in little more than 3 centuries, and mostly in the ...
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A reference which justifies "The use of Philosophy" [duplicate]

Recently I've got into an argument with a friend of mine about a cliché, "What is the use of philosophy?". Well we didn't discuss it that much but I want to keep the argument based on some philosopher'...
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How does philosophy impact "real life"? [duplicate]

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