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How to prove the world is real, and one isn’t just hallucinating everything? [duplicate]

I'm not asking whether other minds are real or not, I'm asking whether the whole shebang is "real". Google Gemini says it's impossible to know/prove it, and basically says to "move on&...
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Are there any philosophical arguments to disprove or weaken solipsism?

My philosophy professor once told our class: The only people who believe in solipsism are infants and madmen. I was inclined to agree at the time. Yet years later, I have still not encountered any ...
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Is it possible to prove that the universe either is or isn't a simulation? [duplicate]

Can it be philosophically proven that the Universe either is or is not a simulation? If someone was in a simulation, could they tell? What would the differences be between a simulated universe and a "...
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Can I know I am not dreaming if I can't tell the difference between sleep and wake?

I know this question has been asked before, so before you shut it down for being a duplicate, please hear me out. The answers I saw in other similar threads were not satisfactory to me and they left ...
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Existence of an Intelligible Physical World beyond the Mind [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are there any philosophical arguments to disprove or weaken solipsism? What justification(s) exist for the generally-agreed-upon axiom that a physical world beyond our mind ...
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Can applicable skills be gained through dreaming?

Recently had a dream where I was in a situation I have never been before in "real life" - (no real experience prior to the dream of this situation). After waking, all the feelings, thoughts, ...
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Are we living or dreaming?

They say when you die your brain has approximately 8 seconds of brain activity in which you go into a dream state. Now it is know that in a dream state 8 seconds can feel like a lifetime in which you ...
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On personal Morality. How can we know what is best is not what is best for me [closed]

This question has bothered me for a long time but I decided not to share it with anyone because I find that someone else might actually live by it. Personally I subscribe to some form of ...
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Testing the Dream Hypothesis

Is there in existence any set of physical parameters which can be measured, which would enable one to determine whether or not reality by itself is a dream?
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How certain should you be of not dreaming when you’re awake? [closed]

Presumably, you’re reading this while you’re awake. How certain are you that you’re awake? And how much of a sliver of doubt should you have that you’re possibly dreaming? If we think in terms of ...
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Deeply exploring the idea of subjective experience (question)

Imagine that you feel a burning pain. Let's ask the question from the start, and develop some context afterwards: Is it possible that what we call conscious feeling of burning and pain, just don't ...
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Where is it that I go when I dream? Part 2

The body is often referred to by some as a "Temple". If it is a Temple, then to be awake is like standing outside of same during the day and to have a dream is like entering the foyer of it ...
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