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Does epistemology = logic?

Is epistemology—the study of knowledge, how knowledge is acquired—really the same as logic? If not, what are the differences between epistemology and logic? By logic, I mean the art by which we order ...
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Do all epistemologies suffer from the "regress of justifications" problem?

Aristotle describes the regress problem in his logical work Posterior Analytics I.2: b5. Some hold that, owing to the necessity of knowing the primary premisses, there is no scientific knowledge. ...
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Can Hegel's theory of logic be formalized?

In paraconsistent logic, we have dialecticism. So is it possible to formalize the logic of Hegel, like Anton Friedrich Koch in "Hegel's on the logical big bang and the evolution of logical space", and ...
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Can something be rational but not logical?

I'm having trouble understanding how something can be rational, logical, or both. I had understood up to this point that they could be used interchangeably, but now I've been told that that's not ...
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Is the problem of logical omniscience intractable?

Vincent Hendricks and John Symons notes the following about epistemic logic: Epistemic logic gets its start with the recognition that expressions like ‘knows that’ or ‘believes that’ have systematic ...
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What book recommendations for learning Hegel and Wittgenstein?

I'm currently interested in Hegel's Dialectic and Wittgenstein works. I'm mostly looking for things related to logic, language and the foundation of mathematics. What do you think I should read from ...
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What do we mean when we say there's only one type of logic/mathematics and that they can’t change?

Do we want to say that if they changed, they would not be logic/mathematics (as we know) anymore? How can we be sure that there's no other type of logic/mathematics?
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Why do we think that our Logic is 'The' Logic?

Considering many scientists who believe that humans are nothing special, how do we trust our logic that much that makes it 'The' Logic? For me, it's being very contradictory, how a non-special being ...
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Two questions about logic/mathematics

1: Why do we say that there can't be other logics/mathematics than those we have? 2: Logic and maths are independent of reality. Then, if we have invented a logic/math based on reality, would it be ...
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Can you imagine a completely different logical/mathematical system than that we have?

Can you imagine a different logic and mathematics? For example, with a different arithmetic, or even a universe with no logic or mathematics and contradictions? A non consistent system?...
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What is logic in the context of Classical Logic?

How mathematicians define the concept of logic for the purposes of Classical Logic? Also, how do philosophers and mathematicians at different period in history defined the word "logic", if ...
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What is a "local" metaphysics and how does it differ from conventional metaphysics?

A chapter is devoted to each of the eight major philosophers and movements in the Western canonical tradition: the pre-Socratics, Plato, Aristotle, Spinoza, Leibniz, empiricism, Kant, and Hegel. The ...
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Question about Kenny’s critiques on Mill’s logic

Recently, I have read a book called New History of Western Philosophy by Anthony Kenny. In this book, he starts chapter 4 Logic with a section called Mill’s Empiricist Logic, which contains an ...
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Can the logic used by continental philosophers like Hegel be formalized by mathematicians?

Can the logic used by continental philosophers like Hegel be formalized by mathematicians? I heard the logic used by Hegel and Heidegger is different from the logic used by analytical philosophers ...
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