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How should a beginner study philosophy?

In order to study computer programming, it is clear what concepts one should study first (for example, if-statements, for-loops, classes, objects, etc.). By comparison, it is not evident what topics ...
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Best way to start philosophy? [duplicate]

I'm a software engineer, have a passion for philosophy. But I have no background in human science, but I guess I'm good at logic. Can you provide a profound study path to philosophy? What are the best ...
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Philosophy: how to begin? (from a context of having studied mathematics) [duplicate]

I have just finished my second year of a pure mathematics degree and am intrigued by philosophy, and would like to spend my summer learning more about philosophy to accompany my mathematical interest. ...
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Books about a broad introduction of philosophy [duplicate]

I am a graduate student of Informatics. Studying mathematical logic I've just started discovering it connection to philosophy. Following this way I started reading something about old and modern ...
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What is a good book for someone who has never studied philosophy before? [duplicate]

I've never studied philosophy, nor have I previously been interested in it, but I feel like I need to esablish a philosophical foundation on which my personal stance on various political and perhaps ...
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Indroductory books about Philosophy for young people [duplicate]

I'm looking for a book about philosophy to give me a push or to help me get in touch with philosophy properly.
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Where and how can I get started in contemporary philosophy?

We are living in an unprecedented era of philosophical research and development where "big thought" is once again everywhere. And yet I feel like I hear this question so often: Where to begin ...
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How can free will in compatibilism be proven?

Having very recently started getting interested in philosophy, I'm still halfway through my first book (Think: A Compelling Introduction to Philosophy, by Simon Blackburn, as recommended in this ...
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What are some simple ways to start learning philosophy?

It is hard for me to read and understand philosophical texts or secondary literature - even with Wikipedia. I don't want to give up, I just need to start slowly and with very basic things. How can I ...
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Should I learn logic before learning philosophy?

I read this question (this is the most relevant I found) with the answers however I still don't have the answers to my questions. I started reading the first lines of some philosophy books, I ...
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What are some good resources for philosophy in laymen's terms?

What are some good resources for a layman to get a basic overview of modern philosophical theories, positions, and open questions in plain language? I'm reminded somewhat of Bryan Magee's videos, ...
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Karl Marx's vision "in the end"

I read most of his works ( including Engels' ), and after all the considerations, I concluded he is not a "communist" at all, but rather, a "hyper-capitalist" who had overvalued the "advancement of ...
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Is everyone able to learn philosophy? If not, what kind of person is able to learn philosophy? [duplicate]

Is everyone able to learn philosophy? If not, what kind of person is able to learn philosophy? Does learning philosophy require a certain intelligence or talent? If I start at the age of 18, is it ...
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Where should I start to learn about philosophy in general? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to get started with philosophy without getting overwhelmed quickly? What philosophy books are good for an new person to philosophy? Philosophy in general, not specific ...
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Philosophy book indications for beginners

I know that there are many excellent topics of philosophy book indications. But I'm looking for a specific type of book: • A Beginner's Guide • A well-structured book with pedagogical resources (...
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