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What makes things real?

Suppose that a person can't sense anything. He can't see, hear, feel. Nothing. So for him, does anything even exist? Does that mean only things we can sense are real or existent? Also, how would you ...
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What exactly do 'objective' and 'subjective' mean in contemporary philosophy?

I'm pretty new to philosophy and I just have a quick question in regards to about how people use the terms 'objective' and 'subjective'. Does objective value mean anything that is independent of one'...
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Morality is subjective?

I tend to believe that morality isn't all subjective. Society objectifies morality and keep a distinction between good and bad. So even if a person felt (subjective) what he was doing was right, ...
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Is there a relation between postmodernism and Asian philosophies?

As an Asian, I see that postmodernism and Taoism and Buddhism all share a similar idea: the truth cannot be grasped. Is there any relation between postmodernism and Asian philosophies? Can Laozi and ...
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When do opinions become objective?

So I think everything starts as an opinion, because anything that's informal and not necessarily fact. However, some statements must rise to the level of objectivity for something to be considered ...
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Descriptions of mental states: objective or subjective?

Is the sentence "Bob likes eggs." objective or subjective? To flesh it out a bit, I'm using "likes" in the usual sense when applied to food; some combination of finding the food pleasing to eat, ...
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Why do “subject” and “object” not have opposite meaning?

I am always confused by- and have to often look up the meanings of these words (it helps that English isn’t my first language). The word “subject” seems to imply that it is subjected to an action, ...
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Is objectivity necessary for anything beside communication?

By "subjective", I mean something that occurs only in a single mind and cannot be shared even in principle. A common example is pain. You cannot feel someone else's pain. You might observe ...
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A test for objectivity?

One could define the objective world that we believe to exist independent of us, as that part of our experience that is simultaneously experienced by other observers as well(And this common ...
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When someone says "That makes/doesn't make sense" is that more subjective or more objective?

For example what if someone said "That makes sense" in response to saying "The pot will burn you if you touch it because it's hot." I'm inclined to say objective but it's possible ...
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Is objectivity necessarily interpreted through the senses?

One may commonly hear a claim that saying that something is “good” or “bad” is subjective, to which someone might respond, “It’s not subjective, it’s objectively bad.” They might mean there’s an ...
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