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How come nihilism is so popular today?

I've been trying to attack this question (or more precisely, come up with an answer to that fact) for some time now, but after a while of research I'm suddenly not so sure of the reason the situation ...
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Do decolonialists have to attack science and modernity?

I’m a professional scientist (mathematician, actually). I’m not a philosopher. I’ve got a lot of friends well-versed in philosophy, and they all seem to point toward modernity as a byproduct of ...
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Should happiness be attained by reforming the world around us for the better or by accepting it as it is?

Two of the most influent philosophers in the antiquity proposed different perspectives on how we should attain happiness: Plato and Epictetus. Plato points out that our civilization contains ...
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Is the doctrine of modern Human Rights considered to be supreme form of Ethics by modern philosophers?

I am from a suburban place in India and honestly, people usually look towards common sense, combined with some Hindu Ethics to live their lives here. Pretty much nobody knows or cares about Human ...
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Why is taxation opposed by libertarians?

I have recently learnt that taxation is opposed by libertarians and that they the cite the principle of self - possession to justify this, an interesting argument along these lines equated taxation to ...
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A different kind of ideology somewhat between capitalism and communism

I was wondering in the past couple of days about an idea, and I'd like to know your opinion on it. From a strictly moral point of view, the ideal communist society is pretty utopic. Equality, equal ...
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History before philosophy

I am interested in becoming fluent in general philosophy. I recognize that it is a massive area of study. I bought a book called Introduction to Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell, but I find I'm ...
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Historically, what comes after Capitalism according to Marxist thinking?

Here I understand Capitalism as the current mode of production where social production is based fundamentally in the exchange of commodities. From the history of society we can understand one simple ...
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A newbie's highly thought-upon plan for starting philosophy [closed]

How's it going guys, I hope you're all having a great time! Greetings, to all the great minds here! I would really appreciate your help with my entrance to the infinite world of philosophy. First, I ...
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How does the Enlightenment philosophy tackle the asymmetry it has with non-Enlightenment societies/traditions?

The Enlightenment thinkers emphasize the individual human being, over his cultural or ethnical affiliation. This is done by a faith in a universal capacity which is reason, a distrust towards ...
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Relation of dialectics, as of Hegel and Marx, toward Enlightenment liberalism

I wish to understand how Hegelian dialectics, further carried, through Marxism, from an idealist to materialist orientation, positions itself with respect to the Enlightenment and liberalism. It is ...
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Sociological studies about capitalism

Economist are generally favorable of capitalism / free markets. However most sociologists I know are highly critical of capitalism. I have read many studies regarding the impact of free markets on ...
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For ye continue to dream in the unconscious while awake [closed]

What does it mean to take Jung seriously when he says that we "continue to dream in the unconscious while awake?"
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What criteria are sufficient for precision in formal semantics?

For example: A) "I have finished dinner, so I'm not hungry." B) "I have read long books, so I can read this one." One could say the function of "have" in these sentences is to communicate that the ...
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What comes after capitalism?

Many social philosophers have expressed a desire to end capitalism as the dominant mode of production. However, I take it as an unavoidable fact of nature that labor of some form is necessary. Humans, ...
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