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Is mathematics politically and culturally neutral?

Lately, there have been many people who say that mathematics itself is racist, that it is simply a creation of dead white Greek men. As a mathematician, I strongly disagree, and believe that ...
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How do philosophers understand intelligence (beyond artificial intelligence)?

Do philosophers have working definitions of 'intelligence'? The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy provides a lot of references, but all of them are related to artificial intelligence and other ...
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What is intelligence?

I am interested in studying AI, and I thought it would be a good idea to study the nature of intelligence before stepping into the field. I googled "books to read about intelligence", but it ...
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A different kind of ideology somewhat between capitalism and communism

I was wondering in the past couple of days about an idea, and I'd like to know your opinion on it. From a strictly moral point of view, the ideal communist society is pretty utopic. Equality, equal ...
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Can an intellect judge itself?

Suppose you want to measure the length of something, e.g. the length of a kitchen table. It's not an easy task, but luckily you have a meter stick on hand! So you take your meter stick and make your ...
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Wisdom and John Vervaeke's awakening from the meaning crises?

I've been watching John Vervaeke's awakening from the meaning crises ( I haven't seen the whole lecture series). And while I am finding it intriguing I think to myself is this really wisdom? I mean in ...
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Free Will and Intelligence

What is the relation between free will and intelligence. I'll identify free will with conscious mind and wonder what their relation is. Obviously there is free will without intelligence. Just have a ...
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Are Life and Intelligence analogous?

Let me explain what I mean. From the standpoint of biology, life is often defined by having a metabolism, the ability to reproduce, evolve, etc. (There is no single definition so far as I can tell.) ...
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Are levels of intelligence different levels of consciousness?

I just want to clarify that I do NOT think I have a more gifted mind than average. Not at all. However, I am very existential and often wonder about the nature of basic things. Anyway, one of my ...
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How would you apply John Rawls "Theory of justice" to everyday decisions?

How can I apply John Rawls theory of justice to everyday decision making?
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AI singularity, and the transmission of intelligence

I was quite taken with David Deutsch's dismissal of the fear of the AI general intelligence singularity, based on the idea that any true intelligences will in some sense start with hybrid human-...
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Should the significantly neurodivergent or autistic not post questions on Stack Exchange? I have evidence that points that I shouldn't. Please help me [closed]

A philosophy of life is any general attitude towards, or philosophical view of, the meaning of life or of the way life should be lived. Wikipedia A philosophy of life is an overall vision or attitude ...
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Flawed Thinking -> Thinking Clearly. Metacognitve approaches to change the way we we think?

Flawed thinking -> Flawed Understanding -> Flawed Conclusions (1) Flawed thinking -> Flawed application of concepts. (2) (1) and (2) -> Inability to solve a Novel problem even if you have ...
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How would you answer when tasked with the estimation of a person's intelligence? [closed]

"She is so intelligent, right?" Well, to agree with such a statement, we would need to have a mutual understanding of intelligence, which we probably don't, since there are many different ...
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What are diversity partitioning and clustering analysis, applied to hominids & race? [closed]

Can anyone EMLI5 (or an undergrad) the terms diversity partitioning and clustering analysis please? From Winther paper over my head "The genetic reification of race" re: Lewontin-Edwards ...
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