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Technical terms for 'House Elf Problem'

There is an informal ethical dilemma known as the House Elf problem, after the Harry Potter slave race who are, universally*, enthusiastic servants who strongly prefer to be servile and be treated as ...
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Would people do moral things if it didn’t make them physically feel good? If not, how is morality different from any other want?

We indulge on great foods because it feels good. We have sex because it feels good. We play sports, listen to music, hang out with our friends, etc because we feel good. If asked why we do any of ...
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What is the difference, after death, of a 90-year-old and a one-year-old?

If there is a person who died at the age of 90 and a baby who died at one year old, what is the difference between them afterwards? They are both in a state of nothingness, they cannot remember or ...
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Can geometry be considered a law of physics instead of law of logic?

Geometry deals a lot about mathmatics of our dimensions of space. But the laws of logic don't require dimensions at all. There could be a reality where there weren't any dimensions at all so they ...
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An exposition and argument for ontological pluralism

Ontological Pluralism: the doctrine that there are different fundamental ways of being. To put it more specifically to illustrate the point (although this not statement that ontological pluralists are ...
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What is meant by other minds?

I recently asked about the argument for proving the existence of other minds. This argument is called the best explanation argument. Could you ...
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Systematic search for Free-will

I understand that you can't prove that free will does not exist; the old adage is that you can't prove a negative, but has anyone attempted to do a systematic search for proof that free will does ...
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How would you apply John Rawls "Theory of justice" to everyday decisions?

How can I apply John Rawls theory of justice to everyday decision making?
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Is there no such thing as rigorous and formal in philosophy?

I once asked a question on a rigorous and formal definition of conceivable, and was told that there is no such thing as rigorous and formal in philosophy or science. Is this really true? I thought ...
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Do we create knowledge?

Stemming from the idea that knowledge is JTB (justified true belief), I have been thinking about the question posed above. There seems to be a difference between different kinds of knowledge. Take for ...
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Is understanding possible?

Often, humans will claim to "understand" something. When pressed, they will define understanding as something like: Knowledge Conception within the mind Comprehension Awareness of meaning ...
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What do we explictly refer to in mathematical expressios

My friend has a theory about 'instantiation' of numbers, they believe that every time we think of a number we create an 'instance' of it in our own heads, it's the same idea, but each time we think, ...
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What is the best theory about how a person models reality?

When someone throws a ball it is possible to predict where the ball will be based on the person's stance, motion during the throw, speed of ball, trajectory, etc. If you see a window in front of the ...
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If immoral things shouldn't be done, how come people feel good committing them?

"The forbidden fruit is the sweetest". When we teach someone that something is immoral, the immoral thing becomes appealing to them. People want the things they can't have, so what's the ...
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How do I know what I don't know?

I am not looking for a straight answer to this question but some references on how I should further investigate this problem. Problem Let us consider a person bob When Bob makes a statement, he ...
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