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The Objective Reality: Honesty -> Truth -> Reality

The Objective Reality It is true the study of the subjective reality takes note of the personal experience and because we all have our seperate existence we all have our own mind and knowledge, but is ...
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What philosophical significance is there in the now scientifically proven fact that all humans are the same biological organism?

Before quite recently, it was only a belief whether all humans are the same. Before Darwin and even afterward, many people held to polygenism, which posits that humans were descendant from many ...
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What philosophies will support the idea that smarter is better?

Whether its natural or artificial, intelligence is economically expensive for businesses thst need intelligence to provide a good or service (Is AI a good that provides a service?) . Given all the ...
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Are there contemporary analytic defenders of the view that pattern/meaning is metaphysically fundamental and directly knowable?

Background: Much of philosophy since Kant has taken for granted that our basic experience of reality is structured by our cognitive apparatus, including notably our background conceptual frameworks. ...
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Are questions truth-apt; what is the use of assigning questions a truth-value?

Is John black (or white)? Yes he is black. No he is not (black). I don’t see how can the question be truth-apt and what use is there in assigning (or even being able to assign) a truth-value to the ...
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The treatment of real numbers as 'objects'

In school we learn about numbers through physical amounts and we take two things and put them with two other things and call it four things in total. Is this view of numbers as amounts slightly 'old ...
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Is there a better criteria for meaninglessness than what the positivists came up with?

I think the positivists came up with the idea that a statement is meaningless if it cannot be proven. But obviously this isn't true: there are a lot of scientific theories that cannot be proven yet, ...
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An Eternal Reward for Our Actions - Are There Strong Incentives to do Anything

I'm wondering: Humans are mortal. Death seems to nullify any gains made by the self to the self. Humans are subject to natural impulses towards actions (for example, we are compelled by natural ...
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Language, thought, cognition

Are thoughts distinct from natural language and if so how can 'thought' be defined so this might be established if it is in fact the case? I am asking in response to a question elsewhere in 'Stack' ...
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Can philosophical zombies think or love?

I read somewhere that philosophical zombies can think. However, I don't think that is true at all. I believe thinking and loving are mental states, and only conscious beings can have mental states. ...
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What is meaning if it is not context?

It is often said that "meaning is context". This is a hollow definition because the context has its own meaning, which is its wider context, and so on until all contexts have been exhausted. ...
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As humans, do we require a total understanding of information to fully embody it as knowledge?

As humans, do we require a total understanding of information to fully embody it as knowledge? Is the underlying mechanism of the act of knowledge dependent on a complete understanding of theories, ...
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How could we disprove the notion that society is a conscious entity?

Humans are made up of billions of cells. You and I are human, and we can perceive our existence. Cells and their consciousness can be debatable, but they indeed operate in a way that indicates they ...
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What would be the first indication that an Artificial Intelligence Entity (AIE) has become sentient?

... that you would believe! As far as I know, we really don't have something akin to a Turing Test for sentience. A blinded test where a human can't differentiate between a human and a machine really ...
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Flawed Thinking -> Thinking Clearly. Metacognitve approaches to change the way we we think?

Flawed thinking -> Flawed Understanding -> Flawed Conclusions (1) Flawed thinking -> Flawed application of concepts. (2) (1) and (2) -> Inability to solve a Novel problem even if you have ...
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