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The Unreasonable Ineffectiveness of Mathematics in most sciences

In 1960, the physicist Eugene Wigner wrote the article "The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences" explaining how unexpected it is that mathematical formalism can ...
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Does consciousness depend on our five senses?

Does consciousness depend on our five senses? If we never have senses, would we have consciousness? It seems that if we lose our senses, we would maintain our consciousness. But if we never had senses ...
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How do philosophers understand intelligence (beyond artificial intelligence)?

Do philosophers have working definitions of 'intelligence'? The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy provides a lot of references, but all of them are related to artificial intelligence and other ...
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What is one’s incentive to be moral?

Assuming there is no afterlife, or whatever afterlife there is does not depend on the morality of my actions in this life, what is one’s incentive to be moral given basic rational self-interest is ...
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What are some philosophical works that explore constructing meaning in life from an agnostic or atheist view?

I've been deeply suicidal for years, but it's gotten worse recently. I grew up Mormon, and last year I realized I couldn't believe in it anymore. I just couldn't; it would take too long to explain. I ...
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Is Art beyond logic?

When one moves from Natural language to a logical one, then the motivation , to my understanding is to cut down the amount of ambiguity which can be there in communication. However, I find it that ...
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Has Münchhausen's trilemma been solved?

I believe that the classic argument that conceptual regress goes back forever may be wrong. For instance, if I try to infinitely regress on concepts, I actually end up at a point where I can't go on ...
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Is it possible that I'm "God" or a special being/deity?

I know the first thing you may be thinking upon reading this, but there's more to this than you may have assumed. This is not one of those crazy questions where ego-driven maniacs simply call ...
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What is the name of this phenomenon?

If you don't know anything about trees and plants, all you see in the forest is a bunch of trees. But if you know the names and appearances of different plants, you might see oaks, elms, pines etc. ...
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Does a philosophy scholar in the modern world need to study ancient philosophy?

I am a philosophy enthusiast and I study philosophy on my own. I wanted to know whether a philosophy scholar in the modern world needs to study the ancient philosophical ideas, such as those by ...
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What is intelligence?

I am interested in studying AI, and I thought it would be a good idea to study the nature of intelligence before stepping into the field. I googled "books to read about intelligence", but it ...
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Is it implausible to claim consciousness is a fundamental?

The notion of fundamentality, as it is used in metaphysics, aims to capture the idea that there is something basic or primitive in the world. This metaphysical notion is related to the vernacular use ...
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How does the Buddhist pursue meaning?

So I don't think positions like existentialism exist in Buddhist philosophy. I say this because the whole framing of causality is fundamentally different in Nagarjuna's treatise of dependent ...
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Why do people hide the assumption contained in the philosophical zombies question/idea?

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy article called "Zombies" makes no mention of an assumption that seems to be hidden in the famous ...
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What's the importance of self-awareness?

Philosophers such as Singer emphasize self-awareness as essential to consciousness and somehow related to an individual's moral value. These perspectives don't make a lot of sense to me. Self-...
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