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Is understanding possible?

Often, humans will claim to "understand" something. When pressed, they will define understanding as something like: Knowledge Conception within the mind Comprehension Awareness of meaning ...
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How does the Buddhist pursue meaning?

So I don't think positions like existentialism exist in Buddhist philosophy. I say this because the whole framing of causality is fundamentally different in Nagarjuna's treatise of dependent ...
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An exposition and argument for ontological pluralism

Ontological Pluralism: the doctrine that there are different fundamental ways of being. To put it more specifically to illustrate the point (although this not statement that ontological pluralists are ...
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How would Wittgenstein explain the ability of blind people to learn a language?

It we take Wittgensteins picture theory of language for granted, The picture theory of meaning states that statements are meaningful if, and only if, they can be defined or pictured in the real world ...
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A newbie's highly thought-upon plan for starting philosophy [closed]

How's it going guys, I hope you're all having a great time! Greetings, to all the great minds here! I would really appreciate your help with my entrance to the infinite world of philosophy. First, I ...
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On the logical modeling of reality and human reason

What is the system of logic which models reality and, furthermore, which models human reason? Preface: Of course, objective reality (that is, reality as it is before it's perceived) may operate under ...
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How do I know what I don't know?

I am not looking for a straight answer to this question but some references on how I should further investigate this problem. Problem Let us consider a person bob When Bob makes a statement, he ...
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An Eternal Reward for Our Actions - Are There Strong Incentives to do Anything

I'm wondering: Humans are mortal. Death seems to nullify any gains made by the self to the self. Humans are subject to natural impulses towards actions (for example, we are compelled by natural ...
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How can universal truths lead to particular truths?

Disclaimer: I have not read philosophy outside of limited Greek works So, Plato theorized that there was a world of "universals" and "particulars", the world of general principles (...
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How does one discover their personal meaning?

The question stems from this question. I attempted an answer, but the question I mentioned here was the obstruction from finishing. In the conventional sense, as also put by the question, meaning is, ...
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Can philosophical zombies think or love?

I read somewhere that philosophical zombies can think. However, I don't think that is true at all. I believe thinking and loving are mental states, and only conscious beings can have mental states. ...
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Can the product of creativity always be classified as analogy?

Without concepts there can be no thought, and without analogies there can be no concepts. —Hofstadter and Sander Part of the creative process of a sculpter is to visualize a shape within a stone and ...
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How do philosophers understand intelligence (beyond artificial intelligence)?

Do philosophers have working definitions of 'intelligence'? The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy provides a lot of references, but all of them are related to artificial intelligence and other ...
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Why do people hide the assumption contained in the philosophical zombies question/idea?

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy article called "Zombies" makes no mention of an assumption that seems to be hidden in the famous ...
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The Objective Reality: Honesty -> Truth -> Reality

The Objective Reality It is true the study of the subjective reality takes note of the personal experience and because we all have our seperate existence we all have our own mind and knowledge, but is ...
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