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Are there any philosophical arguments to disprove or weaken solipsism?

My philosophy professor once told our class: The only people who believe in solipsism are infants and madmen. I was inclined to agree at the time. Yet years later, I have still not encountered any ...
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Is faith just a consolation for the common folk?

In reading Dostoevsky, I stumbled upon the perplexing question of faith being a mere consolation. And in spite of considering myself a believer, I still agree to this statement to a certain extent. ...
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Is the idea of a causal chain physical (or even scientific)?

I am aware that the idea is venerable, going back through Lucretius to the Stoics and Epicurus, and even to Aristotle with his prime mover argument. But isn't this a pre-scientific notion? The ...
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Does there exist truly objective thoughts?

Today I was arguing with my friend that the colour of sky is subjective. I claimed that the colour of sky is a subjective idea and a person who is colour-blind may perceive it as a different colour. ...
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What are the best Arguments against solipsism?

I am afraid that only my consciousness exists. That basically my consciousness simulates my body and the entire world. Please help me.
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Does Japan and Chinese Buddhism Teach Solipsism or Nihilism?

Do the modern schools of Buddhism Soto, Rinzai, Jodo-shu, Jodo Shinshu, Nichiren, Shingon in Japan teach Buddhists, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas any varieties of solipsism and any varieties of nihilism? ...
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What's the solution to the problem of other minds? [duplicate] I have never understood what the solution to the problem of other minds is. At first, the article said that: "One standard line of reply to this ...
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How can brain know about consciousness if it can't be observed outside ourselves?

Consciousness is subjective. We can't observe consciousness outside ourselves. I can't say whether another person is conscious or not, I just assume they are because they are similar to me. Likewise, ...
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Should the significantly neurodivergent or autistic not post questions on Stack Exchange? I have evidence that points that I shouldn't. Please help me [closed]

A philosophy of life is any general attitude towards, or philosophical view of, the meaning of life or of the way life should be lived. Wikipedia A philosophy of life is an overall vision or attitude ...
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What are the strong and contemporary philosophical arguments for believing in other minds? [duplicate]

What are the historically most cited and used arguments that philosophers have made for believing that other people have individual minds and feelings contrary to the assertions of solipsists?
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