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Why is there something rather than nothing? [duplicate]

Our presence in the universe is something too bizarre for words. The mundaneness of our daily lives cause us take our existence for granted — but every once in awhile we're cajoled out of that ...
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Universal will to exist? Why something instead of nothing? [duplicate]

My question is why is there something instead of nothing, and is this indicative of a universal will, not god as such...possibly not even sentient, just a Will to be/exist/create? Because I may be ...
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why didn't Void remain as Void forever? [duplicate]

Before the Universe.. it was always void. Void has no beginning. In-fact only Void can have no beginning. Because only something that does not exist... can be beginning-less. the question is.. why ...
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Is infinite regress of causation possible? Is infinite regress of causation necessary?

For a number of reasons — including perhaps a desire to feel that we have a complete understanding of where we came from, or at least an understanding which is completely sufficient for all of ...
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Can a physicist say why there is something rather than nothing? [closed]

Can a physicist say why there is something rather than nothing? And so what if they can't? If you are Heidegger please do be very sophisticated (i.e. contemporary)
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Has the instinct of survival a philosophical equivalent?

Descartes' fundamental truth (cogito, ergo sum) would help me accept without any doubt that I do exist. So, I accept that I do exist without any doubt. But there's another truth that --for me-- seem ...
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Why did Daniel Dennett not adequately explain consciousness?

Dennett frequently talks about consciousness as if it has already been solved and that we're just inventing new problems because of some innate fear of naturalism. In his (now rather old) book ...
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Is "nothing" easy to understand? [closed]

Let's first define nothing as the absence of something. Not talking about universe here. How early on do we grasp this concept of nothing? Are there people who get old without that basic ...
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The inability to imagine general nonexistence [duplicate]

After reading the question regarding "Why is there something instead of nothing?" I stumbled over the first part of "Sauls" answer: Before anything else one should be aware of the instrument used ...
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Is existence itself necessary?

I define ‘existence’ here as the totality of being, and I take it as obvious that existence is actual. In this context, ‘necessary’ will be defined as ‘must exist because it cannot fail to exist’. The ...
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What is the purpose of the existence of the universe? [closed]

Why did the universe come into existence? Going through the timeline of the universe (Big Bang, separation of forces, symmetry breaking, particle formation...), everything that happened lead ...
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First-cause theory and simulation universe

First of all, what is the first cause theory? If there's a cause for everything, If you follow the cause of an event, it will lead to infinity and you will not be able to specify the cause of the ...
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Is there a difference between 'exists' and 'theoretically possible'?

For the purpose of this questions let's assume that the physics of our universe can be fully described by a complete non-contradictory theory (i.e. that theory of everything exists). Then our universe ...
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