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I can't be 100% sure I'm asking this question [duplicate]

I like to believe one can't be 100% sure of anything, for one can't be 100% sure their brain functions correctly (because if it doesn't, it may mistake itself as functioning correctly as a result). Is ...
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Could 'cogito ergo sum' possibly be false?

I've heard it postulated by some people that "we can't truly know anything". While that does seem to apply to the vast majority of things, I can't see how 'cogito ergo sum' can possibly be false. ...
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Can we logically prove that anything exists?

Suppose I want to prove that negative numbers exist. Well, I could easily do that using a mathematical proof. However, all I would be doing is adding another logical object to a list of known logical ...
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Is finding truth possible?

Consider the following argument: If want to know that something is true, I need to first know what is truth. If I need to know what is true, I need to find the truth. (Is there ...
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How can Hegel call philosophy a science?

At the tail end of Kant and the Critique of Pure Reason Gardner discusses Kant's influence on his successors. He claims---and I'm paraphrasing here---Hegel wanted his metaphysics to be scientific, i.e....
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How did Kant define knowledge?

A recent question about the Plato's formula K=JTB (knowledge is justified true belief) made me curious as to what Kant thought on the matter. In the prefaces and the Introduction to the first Critique ...
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Can anyone ever know for sure that other people are also conscious? [closed]

For all I know, I might be asking this question to programmed beings.
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Is it possible to know anything?

I am very sure this apple in front of me exists. I could be hallucinating however, so lets say: I am 98% certain the apple exists. I am confident that (1) is a fair assessment, but I can't really be ...
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What is the difference between accuracy, certainty, truth and fact?

I've been reading into epistemology a little bit but struggling to understand the distinction between accuracy, certainty and to find a definition for either. In particular, it seems that accuracy is ...
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Is a proof still valid if many people say that is true? [duplicate]

A proof is some explanation to convincing others that a statement is true (or false in case of a counterexample). As Yuri Manin once wrote: "A proof becomes a proof only after the social act of ...
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