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Dialectics and postmodernism as competing attacks on liberalism

I recently posted an inquiry over the attitude of Hegelian and Marxist dialectics toward Enlightenment liberalism. A comment mentioned postmodernism as an example of a tradition more plainly ...
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What should a person do?

Edit 1: As pointed out in the comments, the question implies the existence of a purpose and agency so I would like to re-phrase the question to match what I'm after: What should a person do? (What is ...
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What was Nietzsche all implying-and-not-implying by what would make him "holy"?

In the first section of "Why I Am A Fatality", in Ecce Homo (sometimes translated as "Why I Am A Destiny",) Nietzsche expresses a fear, if not also in the subtext a demand, of ...
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How does one discover their personal meaning?

The question stems from this question. I attempted an answer, but the question I mentioned here was the obstruction from finishing. In the conventional sense, as also put by the question, meaning is, ...
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